Punaauia, Tahiti, French Polynesia

January 18th, 2024

The Polynesia Bible Institute held their inaugural meeting on the evening of January 18th, 2024, the prerequisite to official recognition as a non-profit organization in French Polynesia.  The following officers were installed: Mark Perkins, Board Chairman; Nelly Humatai, Chief Operating Officer; Punari’I Li, VP in charge of evangelism; Rene’ Perkins, VP in charge of women’s and children’s ministries; Timeri Mou-Fat, treasurer, and Constance as our secretary.

Polynesia Bible Institute will begin its search for a president in the coming months.  Two major teaching events are planned for 2024 as well.

Chairman of the Board Mark Perkins gave the following introduction to Polynesia Bible Institute (IBP): 

“IBP is the brain-child of a group of Americans and Polynesians in response to their understanding of a deep need in French Polynesia for biblical training and more profound societal impact from well-grounded Christians. We come from a variety of backgrounds but at our core is our belief in the Bible as God’s Word, His living, active, powerful Word that changes lives, organizations, and even nations.

We propose in IBP a central location for excellence in Bible training at every level, from children to adults and from simple kitchen table Bible studies to the highest levels of university and seminary training. In IBP we also propose a training center that can serve Christians from many church backgrounds in Polynesia, honoring their rich histories and returning them to their churches well-equipped for future generations of service to the Lord and Chief Shepherd of the Church, Jesus Christ.  Building on that foundation we plan on being a source for excellence in education, developing teachers, and teaching workshops on diverse topics related to island crafts and professional development.

IBP will be governed by its statutes and its statement of faith, and by a counsel who are followers of Jesus Christ.  

Our core values are truth, agape love, listening, hard work, and personal integrity.”