Evanelia Tahiti is organized to assist the people of French Polynesia in the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through education.
Every level and type of education may be in view, from the kitchen table or Sunday school class to the highest levels of university training.
Through education we will be a vessel of God’s blessing for this tiny, geographically large nation.


For Students

We plan on putting together a course on the history and culture of French Polynesia, with special emphasis on the history of missions and the current state and conditions of the Great Commission in the country. We pray that we can soon offer this course for college or seminary credit! 

For Fellow Workers

Can you teach, preach, encourage, design, cook, carry, build, clean? Come be a part of what we are doing with teaching a Bible conference, evangelizing children, working with your hands, and more!

Regardless of your reason for coming, we want everyone who visits to be an Observer/Reporter/Prayer Warrior.  As an astute observer of life here, you will be equipped to tell your families, friends, and churches what you have seen and how to pray for us.

If you have followed our journey, you probably have realized that Tahiti easily competes with any beautiful place in this world. But truly, one step outside of the resorts Tahiti and her isles can be a very broken, very impoverished country.  They are dying for the Gospel and for sound discipleship here and that is why we want you to consider joining our team. There is normally time to enjoy life here but be ready to observe, study, and serve.


Please contact us with how you might serve and when you might visit this year and beyond and we will begin to make plans from our end.