Evanelia Tahiti is organized to assist the people of French Polynesia in the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through education.
Every level and type of education may be in view, from the kitchen table or Sunday school class to the highest levels of university training.
Through education we will be a vessel of God’s blessing for this tiny, geographically large nation.


Tahiti and her islands have been a challenging mission field for over 225 years.  From the beginning, Tahiti has been profoundly affected by contact with European missionaries and colonizers.  Wave after wave of cults have crashed upon the shores of these islands producing grave harm to the tender beginnings of churches.  These, coupled with a weak Bible translation, has caused the body of Christ to struggle in founding and sustaining multi-generational evangelism and discipleship.  The smaller islands remain in spiritual infancy and many of those locations have not heard a clear Gospel in generations. This great need is further impaired by a weak public education system, an economic depression brought on by Covid-19 government policy, and spiritual and practical malpractice in the churches. In short, the greatest need is spiritual; the only solution is the Gospel; the indispensable tool is the Bible in the hands of trained men and women. Evanelia Tahiti has been forged to equip pastors and churches to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in this daunting environment


Please contact us with how you might serve and when you might visit this year and beyond and we will begin to make plans from our end.