Her name is Tevainiania.  Rene’ and our Tahitian friend Hana shared the Gospel with her and her sister Vahineroa a few months ago. They were unable to attend our Operation Christmas Child event, so the two just brought the presentation right to their home.  When they heard we had started an English and Bible club in their neighborhood, they eagerly joined.  Each time we arrive they coming running to give us big hugs.  On a recent Friday we shared how Abraham believed in God and his belief was counted as righteousness for his salvation.  We continued by teaching all those who believe in Christ are Abraham’s children.  While we were teaching and reading the passages, Tevai was doodling.  When she finished she showed us a line of people going to the cross, the Children of Abraham.  This made our day.  Tevai and many other bright Tahitian children are becoming disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ through our English Clubs.  Please pray for God’s continued blessing of our work for Him.