We recently started two English clubs in our little town of Papara, drawing exclusively from the children who had attended the Operation Christmas Child evangelistic outreach in our yard last month (September, 2022).  By our second meetings, other children had become interested in joining us.  After all, we are teaching through fun games like baseball, and fun activities, and even sharing American food like bacon and pancakes with maple syrup.  This past week, a new girl showed up, 12-year-old Maherevai (Mah-hey-ray-vay… literally, Become Mine).  Since we use the Bible in all of our lessons, each time is an opportunity to reinforce the lessons that were taught in our Christmas Child outreach. When we began to tell the story of creation, it was immediately evident to us that Maherevai had never heard the story we were sharing.  Rene’ astutely saw this as an opportunity to share the Gospel, and we shifted to the person of Jesus, His death and resurrection, and the need to believe on Him to be saved.  Even with my rudimentary translation we could see the light of comprehension go on in Maherevai’s eyes as we progressed through the principles.  We do not know whether she believed on this occasion, but we do know that she clearly understood the issues of sin and death, and the necessity of belief in the Savior.  Please pray for this girl and for more opportunities like this one.