Once or twice a month we visit Magali and a small group of believers on the island of Moorea, across from Tahiti. Magali’s house is where I first taught a Bible lesson in French Polynesia, back in 2017.    Magali comes from the remote Marquesas Islands, but after getting married moved to France.  Twenty years ago, while she was living there, not yet a believer in Christ, she had a desire to visit French Polynesia and see her roots again.  After a few days on Moorea, she knew she had to move back to her home country.  Little did she know the Lord’s plans for her here!

            Magali is now a widow.  She makes a living by handcrafting pareu’s (Pa-ray-ew), Tahitian wraparound dresses like sarongs, and selling them at the local wharf when the cruise ships visit.  The strict lockdowns of Covid-19 were devastating to French Polynesia, where the economy is 98% tourism.  Yet, Magali continued to pay the rent and feed her family.             The home that Magali lives in with her daughters and granddaughter would seem very humble to most Americans.  Yet it is lit from within by the spirit of Christian hospitality and love for the Savior.  A typical day at Magali’s house includes the half-hour ferry trip across from Tahiti, the short drive to her place, a few hours of prayer and study, and a nice lunch. We always go back home to Tahiti with big smiles and fond memories while we watch the sun set on the island of Moorea.  The Lord is at work