I would deeply appreciate your help.  French Polynesia has only one digital version of a Bible in Tahitian.  That happens to be the New World Translation from the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I DETEST this situation. Although we are involved in a re-translation of the Tahitian Bible that will consume the rest of our lives, we can in a few months’ time produce a digital version of the current Bible by doing the simple typing of the text into Microsoft Word and sending it to YouVersion and other Bible applications. 

close up photography of bible
Photo by D0N MIL04K on Pexels.com

Furthermore, I hope to have Logos Bible Software render this into a Bible in their program that can be used by our Tahitian friends alongside some French language resources that have sound doctrine.  In a typical week I type several chapters of the Tahitian Bible into Microsoft Word.  My dream is to have dozens of fellow workers who can volunteer to do the same work from wherever they are in the world.  Would anyone out there just volunteer to take an hour to transcribe Jude, Philemon, or Obadiah?  Would some enterprising soul commit to taking care of Job or one the Major Prophets or Psalms?  Please email me your intent to help.  Pick a book and I will send you the pdf of the Tahitian Bible. It is vital work! If many participate, we can shorten the time down to weeks and months instead of years.  Thanks.