Our friend Frederique taking notes at the Sunday morning Bible study.  Our local church has Bible study before the Sunday morning service.  Recently we have been studying the life of Joseph, Ezekiel 27 and resurrection, and the man born blind. Mark has a ministry of commenting at the studies, and sending in-depth emails both before and after the study.  Please pray for this to be fruitful.

Romeo, Papi, and Rene’ lead the prayer meeting.  They shared some Scriptural reflections and prayed for the woman in the wheelchair and her family.  Goriette, the woman, is 45 years old and profoundly handicapped, needing full time care from her family.  As you can imagine is can be burdensome.  This week the deacon’s group from the church went to their home each night for 8 straight nights, praying, teaching, and encouraging this family.  It was very moving for them.  Please continue to pray.

Mark and Rene’ visited Clay and Bev Miller, Americans and Navigator staffers who were seriously injured in an ATV accident on Bora Bora while celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.  We heard about their accident through a Navy chaplain friend of ours (Clay is a US Navy veteran), and offered to help in any way.  Initially Clay was flown to Tahiti, while Bev was transported to Raiatea.  Their son Nate and Niece Jessica (both pictured) flew down to help.  We visited them twice, praying and sharing words of encouragement.  Bev is well on her way to recovering, and Clay is improving, though he will have a longer road.  Please pray for them!

Our friend Teraimana, our Tahitian language tutor.  Teraimana teaches traditional Tahitian music in the schools.  He takes time to give us excellent lessons in Tahitian.  Learning Tahitian is a significant upgrade for our ministry, and it’s coming along!  Teraimana is the national champion song conductor for traditional Tahitian music.