“In June, Rachel Musser and Amber Walker of 3D Training Center (www.3dtc.org) visited us.  While here, they experienced Tahiti island life from the deep mountain valleys to the beautiful lagoons.  They saw everyday Tahitian life from the city to the tiny villages, ate Tahitian food, and worshiped God in both Tahitian and French.  They taught and shared their testimonies among several small Bible study groups and were an encouragement to local believers at every stop along the way.  Their reports will be posted here at www.evanelia.org soon!

2022 June Child Evangelism.  These pictures from the graduation ceremony for Operation Christmas Child.  You can see videos and photos of Rene’, Rachel Musser, and Amber Walker sharing the gospel through the multicolored parachute, and the children sharing the Gospel with their parents.

2022 June Moorea Bible Study. Again, Amber Walker and Rachel Musser shared their testimonies, gave tips on how to share the Gospel with a simple diagram, and suggested ways to go forward with Bible study through 3D Training Centers materials.

2022 June Papeete Bible Study.  There are photos of Rachel and Amber sharing their testimonies and giving tips on how to share the Gospel with a simple diagram.  Rachel also gave a report on the situation with believers we know in Ukraine.  The girls translating are Tepoe and Tepo-otu Aka, twins. There are two photos of Mark Teaching Bibliology.  One in which he uses Lego building blocks to teach a lesson on the importance of context in interpreting the Bible.  Another in which he lines up Amota and Joseph to demonstrate cumulative or progressive revelation. 

2022 June Pitcairn Island descendants.  The man is named after Christian Fletcher, the lead mutineer of Mutiny on the Bounty.  The woman is a direct descendant of the same.  Rachel read the famous book by Nordhoff and Hall while she was here and was delighted to encounter some living history at our Bible study.