Rene’ worked in support of a Bible camp in Papeete alongside the Aka twins, Tepoe and Tepootu.  There were 16 children in attendance, from 3-14 years of age, all from the city. The three taught the children Bible lessons, gave personal encouragement, and even sang and danced together.  A special memory for me was watching Rene’ chatting and laughing with some of the older girls.  They treated her like an older sister.  The event was a recap of the 12 Operation Christmas child lessons called The Greatest Journey, a very basic discipleship program from Samaritan’s Purse.  We will continue to have many opportunities with this program in the coming months and years.

Rene added that, “It’s always so rejuvenating to be around children! Children everywhere seem to have such energy and enthusiasm and humility while learning God’s perfect word. And this must be part of the reason Jesus didn’t want His disciples to hinder them from coming to Him. I was rejuvenated spending time with Tepoia and Tepuotu while they were teaching this sweet group of kids during Vacation Bible Camp during their break from school. Three days of games, activities and lots of food and snacks revolving around God’s great truths put into action in their very own lives! We had fun translating back and forth but mostly laughing and loving goes across all language barriers in God’s economy!!”